New Robotic Resin Line

Skarlis Marble is always investing in the new mechanical equipment in order to satisfy the demanding international customers that the company has built up over time. An updating of the resin treatment line took place within 2021 – 2022 by replacing the previous perfectly working SIMEC line , with a new more efficient and productive one.

The company which is very attentive to the quality of its products, processes all kind of marbles, giving great attention to the processing of white, grey or very light materials particularly common in Greece.

After a very careful analysis of the customer’s production needs, company decided to invest to an automatic loading/unloading and overturning system, a pre-resining station, a resining and net application station with an anthropomorphic robot mod.

RESIN ROBOT, a manual retouching and inspection area, a drying and catalysis system performed with PILOT ovens with 2 towers one of 20 levels for drying with also a resin penetration chamber and one of 40 levels for catalysis both served by a single lift.

Thanks to the particular layout and to the specific software the plant is so able to perform the most sophisticated processing cycles required by the customer, in a more effective timing. Worthy of note is the fact that, for the entire processing cycle, the slabs travel on special trays that preserve their integrity and that the plant makes it possible to load and unload the material in a flexible way using trolleys, A frame supports or big trestles.